GoodSync Version 10.10.25 Free

Have your files synced across the entire range of devices that you use

With number of digital devices that we use on a day to day basis increasing, it has become a great necessity to ensure that all our files and documents are up to date so that we can simply pick up any device and start working on it immediately. GoodSync is a freeware application which aims to make life simple and easier for users by providing them with a unique platform that allows them to keep their files synced across multiple devices like PCs, Laptops, USB drives and DCRW discs. Users can also schedule automatic backups for their files in case they forget to do the backup manually.

This program works seamlessly across both your home and office computers provided they are connected to the internet or are available in the same network range. For beginner, the user interface of GoodSync might seem a bit confusing. But helpful tips and popups are displayed throughout the program to help users find their way around. You can preview the files before performing the sync operation so that you are sure that you are syncing the correct files and not the wrong ones. To capitalize on the program’s full host of features, users are recommended to opt for the paid version which comes with enhanced help capabilities.
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